Monday, November 13, 2006


My x-roomie from '02-03 called me on Thurs. and said "can I come visit?". Um........OK......uuhhhh, ya' know I've got a remodel going on and the house is even more of a disaster than usual? No problem she said. Of course as I started cleaning the house I realized how totally un-baby-proofed my house had become. An 11 month crawls on the floor for gawd's sake. OMG.

She stayed two days, which I decided was a very nice amount of time for a vistor to stay. The coffee was made in the morning when I got up, the dishes were done (my current roomie/dishwasher liked that), and she took some of her stuff that has been in my garage for 3 years. SO THERE to all my friends who said she'd never come back for it!! Some dusting was done, my floor got picked up, AND let's not forget he chirping smoke detector (see Sat. night blog post)!!!

That's the kind of visitor you want isn't it? I don't have too many visitors but was quickly reminded how you're life has to kinda stop when you've got them and there is a need to entertain. Oh........AND we went to the beach, which I hardly ever do even though it's only 10 min. away.

My sister, who lives in Mexico, and I were talking yesterday about how our family aren't the "visiting" type. She has threatened to stop coming here until one of us goes there. Now the thing is............many of you may have family that comes to visit you often. Do they stay too long? Does your mother or mother-in-law criticize your cleaning habits, your parenting skills, or your eating habits? I've heard about these type of visits and I don't think I'd want that either.

Throughout the years I've thought many times about my non-visiting family. It used to hurt my feelings. One time I was talking to my dad about it and he said........"my parents only came to visit me a few times". A FEW TIMES in his whole adult life. I realized at that moment that it wasn't a sign of their love (they're always there for the times of crisis and the Sunday phone calls are common). You just get the family you get. For better or worse. AND you get to make friends.........lots and lots of them.................some will even come visit.


Anonymous said...

As ususal darling I loved the blog, funny how you are so right about family and friends. Have you ever considered being a WRITER.
Love and hugs lots of them. MOM

My name is Heather said...

You make me smile! Thanks for giving me a topic for my blog today!