Saturday, January 28, 2006


My Mary Kay Business Debut last weekend was AWESOME! This girly stuff is FUN.
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Monday, January 16, 2006

So much to say

I was going to write an email to Marya to tell her how much I enjoyed her blog today but then I thought.........why not blog it?! She was my first inspiration for blogging a year ago, and since have found many more..................Heather A's, Jeannettie's, Clay's, and then found some via those blogs, like Annie's and TwinMama.

BUT today because of Marya's very long and lovely post, I was reminded of how blogs can be like a great novel. AND it has no end. How fabulous that people are sharing their lives and loves and passions. And like a good book, the images and stories stay with you. Go to UTATA and soak up the millions of images provided by amazing people all over the world. The narrative here on UTATA was great.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Why am I surprised when I get bitchy EVERY month about the same time? WHY after 27 years and 300+ periods would I be surprised? You'd think I'd be an expert at it. You'd think I'd have learned to be proactive; eat healthy, take extra meds, and warn those around me. Instead I hunt thru my cupboards for anything sweet (spoonfuls of brown sugar will do), I forget to take my meds, and I apologize to my loved one's AFTER a day or so of bitchin' at them like a phych inmate. WHY

After my last post discussing my crusty, bloody boogers, I feel LIBERATED. I've got an image of myself going thru the portal to John Malkovich's mind. Nothing is off limits; there is no way back. Boogers AND family issues AND periods. What a week my blog's endured. Perhaps "the other Heather" has rubbed off on me.

There is no way back. I will never be 40 again. Happy Birthday to me!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Vaseline up the nose & family issues

The vaseline and family issues aren't related (or at least I don't think they are) but they are two subjects on my mind tonight.

I just don't know if I can possibly shove ANY MORE vaseline up my nose??!! It is so damn DRY outside and yes.....I understand that it's winter. But for gawwwd's sake, I think I'm going to have to figure out a way to attach my big 'ole jar of vaseline to my body somehow. A necklace perhaps?
Let me stop to say *I apologize* to all those offended by my use of a petroleum product. (Sorry Nettie). I'm sure there is some fabulous organic, politically correct moisture-giving product but I've simply not found it. And until then, I will be using big globs of gooey vaseline to soften the crusty, bloody snot in my nose.
And yes.........I'm using a humidifier, and saline nose spray, and drinking lots of water.

On to family issues. This week I've talked to my dad (& his doctor), and both my sisters more times than I can count. (The cell phone bill is going to be scary; we're all in different cities). I love my family, but of course they're MY family so it's exhausting. And because Nov and Dec includes a lot of family time, it seems not-quite-right that we're still...........involved.
It just happens that my sister who lives in Mexico has come for a visit and that's great; she hasn't been here for years. But there are schedules to coordinate, train trips and driving schedules to figure out. (I have no idea how I ever had time for an 8-5 gig).
So the reason I'm talking to my dad's doctor is because he had a fainting spell while I was visiting him at Xmas. It was the 3rd one in10 yrs. He was sitting down when he passed out so it was a matter of keeping him in his chair and talking to 911 at the same time. I was of course totally freaked out and I MADE him go to the ER. He checked himself out against dr's orders and said he felt "great". But the ER docs had to report it to the DMV and his license was suspended as of today. He told me to just “shoot him” if he can’t get his license back.

Let me just say: my sisters and my dad and I are all HIGH-MAINTENANCE. We are opinionated, neurotic, self-centered little shits. 2 Capricorns, a Gemini, & a Scorpian. There are no Pisces here. AND I live with a Gemini and another Capricorn. I get no relief. Speaking nose is getting crusty again. I've gotta go find my vaseline.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain FINALLY opened in SLO! I read about it over a year ago and waited anxiously for the Dec. 7th opening. Only it didn't get here until now. That's a whole lotta waiting. After all that waiting I decided to wait an hour in line.

Why was I so obsessed with this movie? I was so impressed that a gay romance was going mainstream; Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal for gawwds sake. A sigh of relief for breaking down prejudice.

And after all that waiting could it possibly live up to the expectation? Well it wasn't romantic........about love or life as I expected it to be. It was REAL. Love happens thru a lifetime..........thru good times and bad. As a realist, I appreciated it even more than I expected.

Why We Love Bad Boys

I read this article in People Magazine (I swear I read it for the articles). It made me smile. Whether you're a bad boy or not, a good girl or not, I hope it makes you smile too.

By Cindy Chupack (writer for Sex and the City)
A good man is not so hard to find. I’ve dated a bunch of them., They call when they say they’re going to call, they take you out on actual dates, they tell their friends and even their parents about you, they like their parents, they play their phone message in front of you, they have just one glass of wine with dinner because they’re driving, they have jobs, they have female friends they haven’t slept with…………..yeah, yeah, whatever. The point is, they’re not hard to find.
Bad boys are hard to find, because they’re never where they’re supposed to be. In fact, they’re not supposed to be anywhere. They do as they please. They go where the wind takes them. If you’re lucky, you might get a cell phone number, so you never know exactly what (or who) a bad boy is doing. It’s infuriating and insensitive and intriguing and insane and oh, how we love bad boys.
You know you’re dating a bad boy when you’re not sure you’re actually dating. Bad boys are usually one of two things: unavailable or undressed. This leaves you unable to think of anything but where the hell is he and when will he do that to me again?

Monday, January 02, 2006

Dating Advice (Installment #1)

My X-Husband gave me a great book for Xmas called Dating Sucks by Joanne Kimes. It's been a great read so far. The first page I flipped to had this advice:
"Hold off on dumping him..................
until he's installed dimmers for all your light switches and built you a nice set of shelves"

I know....I know, this particular advice was men bashing but it's funny dammit!

Coming Soon..........
Chapter 1 - Why Go Out When There's So Much Good Stuff on TV?