Sunday, January 08, 2006

Why We Love Bad Boys

I read this article in People Magazine (I swear I read it for the articles). It made me smile. Whether you're a bad boy or not, a good girl or not, I hope it makes you smile too.

By Cindy Chupack (writer for Sex and the City)
A good man is not so hard to find. I’ve dated a bunch of them., They call when they say they’re going to call, they take you out on actual dates, they tell their friends and even their parents about you, they like their parents, they play their phone message in front of you, they have just one glass of wine with dinner because they’re driving, they have jobs, they have female friends they haven’t slept with…………..yeah, yeah, whatever. The point is, they’re not hard to find.
Bad boys are hard to find, because they’re never where they’re supposed to be. In fact, they’re not supposed to be anywhere. They do as they please. They go where the wind takes them. If you’re lucky, you might get a cell phone number, so you never know exactly what (or who) a bad boy is doing. It’s infuriating and insensitive and intriguing and insane and oh, how we love bad boys.
You know you’re dating a bad boy when you’re not sure you’re actually dating. Bad boys are usually one of two things: unavailable or undressed. This leaves you unable to think of anything but where the hell is he and when will he do that to me again?

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me said...

I should not admit publicly how much I enjoyed this little post nor should I admit that since I am looking, a good badboy can be hard to find...what I find most disconcerting of all though, is the part where it says "You know you’re dating a bad boy when you’re not sure you’re actually dating" - dear gawd, that almost describes every boyfriend I have ever had!!! :)