Sunday, January 15, 2006


Why am I surprised when I get bitchy EVERY month about the same time? WHY after 27 years and 300+ periods would I be surprised? You'd think I'd be an expert at it. You'd think I'd have learned to be proactive; eat healthy, take extra meds, and warn those around me. Instead I hunt thru my cupboards for anything sweet (spoonfuls of brown sugar will do), I forget to take my meds, and I apologize to my loved one's AFTER a day or so of bitchin' at them like a phych inmate. WHY

After my last post discussing my crusty, bloody boogers, I feel LIBERATED. I've got an image of myself going thru the portal to John Malkovich's mind. Nothing is off limits; there is no way back. Boogers AND family issues AND periods. What a week my blog's endured. Perhaps "the other Heather" has rubbed off on me.

There is no way back. I will never be 40 again. Happy Birthday to me!

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