Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How I knew I was on a cruise

I knew I was on a cruise because...........

* there was A LOT of food
* i was swimming in ocean water....in a pool
* everyone was drinking by noon
* my hair was frizzy
* we had our own personal maitre d', who put my napkin on my lap every night for dinner
* there was a karoke bar, a disco, a casino, a coffee bar, and a duty-free shop next door to each other
* i drank too many rum and coke's to count and I still wasn't drunk
* i was unsteady on my feet and I wasn't drunk
* the boat was a' rockin' and they still came knockin'
* there was a lot of yummy food
* my cell phone said "searching..........." for days
* when I got off the boat, there were Mexican trinkets everywhere
* there were towels shaped into animals on my bed everynight..........along with a mint

And this how I know I'm HOME from my Mexican Cruise:
* no one is putting my napkin on my lap for me
* no one is serving me dessert
* my cell phone is ringing
* i have to watch the clock, not so I know when to eat, but to make sure I pick my child up from school
* i have 100 pictures to edit and download and upload and share on kodakgallery
* i got on the scale
* i went to the gym
* there is work to be done

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Catching up

I just love this pic! This sweet little cowgirl was one of the 30 or so fabulous people I spent Labor Day with at The ranch. It was fun as expected and I did all those things I talked about doing in my last blog post!! And you know what??.............it took a week to recover. I went to bed early every night and took a few naps for good measure.

Of course, gettin' up early for school kicked my butt too.

I'm gettin' used to the school schedule and my munchkin has risen to the challenge of 4th grade. He's got a male teacher for the first time and the guy's into sports. He DIGS him. My little man is ALL about sports these days; watches Cold Pizza every damn morning. Cartoon's are long gone. My advice is not to bet him on any baseball or football game.

In addition to the school thing, my life has been busy with my kitchen remodel (which is of course turning into a house remodel). Hell must have froze over 'cause I am the least likely person to do a remodel. Pics on my flickr of course.

I also throw in some work now and again. And I'm still busy with my dad's estate stuff. He seems to be hangin' with me less frequently these days 'cause I think he's at his old work place; the business he ran for 40 yrs. "His" employee's think so too. I've had intense dreams the last two nights about my mother. Sept 12th marked the 29th year of her passing. In some ways, it seems like yesterday. Time is funny that way, huh?

In other news.......as previously blogged about, I regularly procrastinate some dreaded task with yet another dreaded task. I think I was avoiding the mess that is my kitchen, dining room, game room (previously known as the TOY room, and the site of the future office space), and living room, by cleaning my bedroom. It always seems like a good idea to clean. BUT then I start pulling out furniture to vacuum up those pesky dust bunnies (in this case they were large floppy ear'd rabbits). As I was doing this I had this nagging feeling that there was something about this task that was BAD. By the evening I was sniffling and sneezing. OH YEAH..........I remember now.............I get sick when I vacuum months of DUST build-up. I tried to fight it for a week and awoke this morning with an earache. And since I'm boarding a big 'ole cruise ship next weekend and didn't think congestion and earaches mixed well with sea sickness, I got me some antibiotics today. Oh yes I did.

Note to self: next time you find yourself digging behind furniture, first try one of those new allergy medicines!