Tuesday, February 28, 2006


As of right now, there are OVER 600 comments on Dooce's post tonight!!!! Jesus H.C. !!

I can't even get a comment or two. I am sooooooo doing something wrong. OK, so I'm not Heather-frickin'-Armstrong, AND I don't make a living with my blog...........but still.

So I'm ASKING..........................what do I have to do to get a comment or 2??????

You can tell me. Really.

You're just too busy? Don't wanna be the only one posting a comment? My posts are lame? No one's actually reading it?

You have nothing to say about PEACE? Parenthood? Middle Aged Girls Gone Wild? Deep philosophical musings? Katharine Hepburn's claim that "plain women know more about love"? Lemon Festivals? Ski trips? And that was just February.

Aaaahhhhhh. OK. I feel better. Rant over.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

This is what PEACE looks like

I got this pic in an email a while back, WITH the title. I love to go back and look it every once and awhile.

Imagine there's no countries,
It isnt hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for,
No religion too,
Imagine all the people
living life in peace...

More about parenthood

I was sitting on the toilet tonight and realized I DIDN'T have to wipe it off first! When did that happen? WHEN did my son stop peeing all over the toilet?
And while sitting there I also realized he hadn't DUMPED out all his shampoo (or mine) into the bathtub lately. WHEN did he stop doing that??
I actually spent a moment or two trying remember. As if it matters. As if I'm going to write it in his baby book. (There's no place in his baby book for that...................but my blog's a good place, huh?) (I know I ranted about it a few months ago on my blog).

These are two HUGE events that have come and gone, like so many others in his little life. I was too busy obsessing about trying a new bedtime routine and bribing him to do chores,................. to notice.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Thank Gawwwwd

My feet are killin' me after 4 hours of dancing in these heels but.................
Thank gawwwd
I have shoes that keep me warm AND look sexy
Thank gawwwd
I have a cold concrete garage floor to walk on to soothe my achin' feet
Thank gawwwd
I'm 4o something so I can enjoy a night out on the town, and come home by myself & know I haven't missed a damn thing

Thank gawwwd
I have two of the best girlfriends a girl could have who are also 40 something
Thank gawwwd
One of those girlfriends can drink like a 300 lb sailor and still drive me home safely
Thank gawwwd
I have a child old enough to make himself breakfast and let me sleep in
Thank gawwwd
I have really good skin care products to take off my makeup (to remove the 2am-tammy-faye-baker look) and moisturizer to soothe my tired skin
Thank gawwwd
I'm not 20 something so when my thighs ache from grindin for hours, I can appreciate a "night out on the town"

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

it started underground

it started underground
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Cool pic and even cooler title ("it started underground"). Emdot strikes again!
My day started as all days start; UNDER THE SHEETS. It's warm and lovely and so very, very difficult to leave. But after hitting the *snooze* a few times, I got up to make sure my munchkin was waking up. He was sleeping on the top bunk of his new jungle gym.......um, I mean....bunk bed, so he can't reach his alarm clock. He was actually still sleeping, which is unusual, but after a 3 day weekend what can you expect.

I changed outfits (or metaphorically, “hats”) 5 times today. FIRST, I wore a sweats ensemble for the driving-the-kid-to-school and working-at-home-bookkeeping gig. I tried once again to figure out the “box-o’-receipts” from one client that typifies the worst-kind-of-I’ve-avoided-for-20yrs-bookkeeping job. After an hour or so of frustration, I switched to another bookkeeping job, Insomniac Video (my first official HB&C client). Whew……..much better!! Dream-job-handed-to-me-on-a-silver-platter-by-good-friend-slash-organized-bookkeeper.

NEXT, I changed into a red shirt and jeans outfit for my son’s valentine’s party at school. I was the only parent who showed and boy was I proud of my frosting and MnM’s for cookie decorating project! YUM.

AFTER which I rushed home to shower off the frosting and change into my see-a-bookkeeping-client attire, which always includes navy blue (it’s a nerdy actg thing). I was over dressed for the munchkin’s basketball practice but hey.........

And just when I think my laundry basket is full, I changed into a sleep-shirt for the putting-the-kid-to-bed hour. (I somehow think that’s going to fool him into thinking I too am going to sleep).

And NOW I sit here in my sweats and slippers get-up for the blogging portion of the evening, and am ready to crawl back under the warm and lovely SHEETS.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Little Hill 1
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When the way comes to an end


and having changed


author unknown

Good to know

Capricorn Horoscope for week of February 9, 2006
Happy Valentine Daze, Capricorn! To begin our meditation on love, let's turn our attention to your appearance. I think you owe a huge debt of gratitude to the fact that you don't have the face and body of a dazzling supermodel or gorgeous hunk. The temptation to rely on your physical attractiveness at the expense of developing your character would be virtually irresistible. In the coming days, this fact will bring you a fresh batch of benefits, including a subtle breakthrough in your romantic life. Here's your quote of the week, from Katharine Hepburn: "It is the plain women who know about love. The beautiful women are too busy being fascinating."

Friday, February 10, 2006

Pucker Up

La Fete du Citron. The 2001 Lemon Festival in France.

2005 Lemon Festival en Espana.

A NEW February celebration. They say we can't Mardi Gras. To hell with 'em. I'd put lemon's in my bra.

The tradition started in 1895.

And I'm liking this game.
The “Moucouleti” tradition
During the evening of the second parade – called “corso” -, people from Menton give themselves to the traditional entertainment of the “Moucouleti” or “Moccoletti”, small candles they hold in their hands. The game consists in keeping your flame on and blowing off the one of your neighbour! It’s a pretext game for love meetings, just like in the tale “Short Story of the carnivals of Menton” by Pierre Masséna: “In this game the young man, using all of his skills, has to try and blow off the candle of the young girl, who has her candle above her head with the calumet lighted. When the young man succeed he can light the darkened wick again and have a thanks kiss.”

Saturday, February 04, 2006

I know I went on a ski trip because................

I know I went on a ski trip because................

My muscles ache

My feet didn't sweat in my UGG boots

I didn't get to sleep in

I was in the middle of a snowball fight in the hot tub

My calf muscles got shorter

We all had 300 lb weights on our feet that make you walk funny

I was reminded that plunging down mountains is a lot of hard work

Ski lifts are stupid and seem ridiculously unsafe. Who thought up chairs with no seat belts, really high in the air, with 300 lb weights on your feet??

My laptop was talking to me. It said, "I'm trying to find a WIFI connection dammit. No......don't do it. You're going to plug that thing in where? Be gentle for gawwd's sake; I'm a virgin".

My nose bled (oh wait...........it was already doing that)

I used 3 times the normal amount of my Mary Kay Time-Wise Age-Fighting Mosturizer and my skin could still breathe

I eat huge amounts of food and pretending I don't have a scale

My laptop is acting like it's on qualudes 'cause I'm uploading so many pictures to my Kodakgallery and my flickr

My bed feels especially nice