Friday, February 10, 2006

Pucker Up

La Fete du Citron. The 2001 Lemon Festival in France.

2005 Lemon Festival en Espana.

A NEW February celebration. They say we can't Mardi Gras. To hell with 'em. I'd put lemon's in my bra.

The tradition started in 1895.

And I'm liking this game.
The “Moucouleti” tradition
During the evening of the second parade – called “corso” -, people from Menton give themselves to the traditional entertainment of the “Moucouleti” or “Moccoletti”, small candles they hold in their hands. The game consists in keeping your flame on and blowing off the one of your neighbour! It’s a pretext game for love meetings, just like in the tale “Short Story of the carnivals of Menton” by Pierre Masséna: “In this game the young man, using all of his skills, has to try and blow off the candle of the young girl, who has her candle above her head with the calumet lighted. When the young man succeed he can light the darkened wick again and have a thanks kiss.”

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