Wednesday, February 15, 2006

it started underground

it started underground
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Cool pic and even cooler title ("it started underground"). Emdot strikes again!
My day started as all days start; UNDER THE SHEETS. It's warm and lovely and so very, very difficult to leave. But after hitting the *snooze* a few times, I got up to make sure my munchkin was waking up. He was sleeping on the top bunk of his new jungle, I mean....bunk bed, so he can't reach his alarm clock. He was actually still sleeping, which is unusual, but after a 3 day weekend what can you expect.

I changed outfits (or metaphorically, “hats”) 5 times today. FIRST, I wore a sweats ensemble for the driving-the-kid-to-school and working-at-home-bookkeeping gig. I tried once again to figure out the “box-o’-receipts” from one client that typifies the worst-kind-of-I’ve-avoided-for-20yrs-bookkeeping job. After an hour or so of frustration, I switched to another bookkeeping job, Insomniac Video (my first official HB&C client). Whew……..much better!! Dream-job-handed-to-me-on-a-silver-platter-by-good-friend-slash-organized-bookkeeper.

NEXT, I changed into a red shirt and jeans outfit for my son’s valentine’s party at school. I was the only parent who showed and boy was I proud of my frosting and MnM’s for cookie decorating project! YUM.

AFTER which I rushed home to shower off the frosting and change into my see-a-bookkeeping-client attire, which always includes navy blue (it’s a nerdy actg thing). I was over dressed for the munchkin’s basketball practice but hey.........

And just when I think my laundry basket is full, I changed into a sleep-shirt for the putting-the-kid-to-bed hour. (I somehow think that’s going to fool him into thinking I too am going to sleep).

And NOW I sit here in my sweats and slippers get-up for the blogging portion of the evening, and am ready to crawl back under the warm and lovely SHEETS.

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