Saturday, February 04, 2006

I know I went on a ski trip because................

I know I went on a ski trip because................

My muscles ache

My feet didn't sweat in my UGG boots

I didn't get to sleep in

I was in the middle of a snowball fight in the hot tub

My calf muscles got shorter

We all had 300 lb weights on our feet that make you walk funny

I was reminded that plunging down mountains is a lot of hard work

Ski lifts are stupid and seem ridiculously unsafe. Who thought up chairs with no seat belts, really high in the air, with 300 lb weights on your feet??

My laptop was talking to me. It said, "I'm trying to find a WIFI connection dammit. No......don't do it. You're going to plug that thing in where? Be gentle for gawwd's sake; I'm a virgin".

My nose bled (oh was already doing that)

I used 3 times the normal amount of my Mary Kay Time-Wise Age-Fighting Mosturizer and my skin could still breathe

I eat huge amounts of food and pretending I don't have a scale

My laptop is acting like it's on qualudes 'cause I'm uploading so many pictures to my Kodakgallery and my flickr

My bed feels especially nice


Clay (aka WriterDude) said...

Even nicer photography! You'll shame me into buying a real camera one of these days...

Heather said...

THANKS writerdude. I love my new little camera. Canon SD500; 7.2 Megapixels and fits in my pocket. Damn cute.
Taking pics was the highlight of my trip.