Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holiday AND Merry Christmas

Thanks Jeannettie for sharing this cartoon on your blog.

So far I've heard a lot of folks scoffing at the attempt to be politically correct this Christmas. Here's my point of view.........for the record. I hope my point of view will be taken as just that.......another point of view.

I will boldly say.............this issue seems very similiar to sexual harassment in the workplace. We all laugh and scoff at the extremes to which the issue has been taken. But the truth is that the issue arose for a reason. Someone felt they were treatly unfairly or disrespected. I'm thankful for these laws no matter how crazy they seem at times. It makes me more aware of those around me, and strive to act more respectfully. All I'm saying is that it seems to me that being more TOLERANT is a good thing.

Belated Happy Anniversary to my blog

My first blog entry was on Dec 10, 2004. I missed the day 'cause I was distracted by my new state of unemployment, but now I must NOW say "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" to my blog, my friend. It's been a year of growth; there was laughter, there was tears, there was sadness, there was joy, and there was reflection. THANK YOU for always being there!!!!

Twas the night before, the night before Christmas

Heather & Wayne Xmas 2005
Originally uploaded by Heather's Shot.
When all through the house
Not a creature was stirring.....
except mommy at her laptop, with NO mouse

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
You can see a picture of them on my Flickr.......if go there

The child is nestled all snug in his bed,
FINALLY for gawwd’s sake, he was up until 11:14 ‘cause he’s got so much going on in his head.

I’m in my sweats and I have no idea what daddy’s wearin’,
‘Cause we’re happily divorced and we’re both happy to say that’s how it’s stayin’

I’m excited to say I’m sleeping in tomorrow because it’s the NIGHT BEFORE, the night before Christmas
But because I’m out of sight,
I will say to you now,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Laugh harder, deeper, faster, and more often

I LOVE my horoscope this week! There is NO down-side to this plan. Well........ except maybe sore stomach muscles and mascara running down my face.

Capricorn Horoscope for week of December 22, 2005
Happy Holy Daze, Capricorn! I've been meditating on the perfect holiday gifts for you. What items might inspire you to take maximum advantage of the cosmic currents in 2006? And the answer is: anything that makes you laugh harder, deeper, faster, and more often.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Scooby was loved by many

Sweet puppies
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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Scooby had many friends

Grandma and the dogs
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Scooby wasn't always friendly to other dogs but she loved her family of dogs. She may have preferred to be a only child but since she wasn't, she grew to love her siblings and cousins. In spite of all her quirks, they loved her too.

In Memory of Scooby

There will never be another dog like Scooby. Never. Scooby had A LOT to say. Scooby passed away Dec 6th but her voice will be forever heard. She had a way of screaming like no other dog could rival but she had a silent voice that was very loud too.

"She taught me so many things", my nephew said to me. She taught us all. Amongst many important life lessons, she taught some of us to hide when we put our shoes on. he he. And never say anything that resembled W-A-L-K.

My nephew picked out Scooby at a shelter at Christmastime in '91 or '92. I remember the day I met her. I remember my nephew naming her Scooby Doobie Dingo Doogie. She was such a little thing and so darn cute.

Scooby had many, many adventures. (They'll be a book someday!). Sy Sy had to leave her behind with his mom many times as he grew and traveled but indeed he always came back for her. She amazed us all a year ago when she survived the plane trip to Hawaii and after a few tough days, she became more relaxed and at peace than ever before. Seems to me she was waiting for the day when he could bring her home.

It was Jan. of 2004 that I took her home with me. She was living at the ranch with my sister and brother-in-law. They loved her dearly but her propensity to herd the horses and the goats and "protect" them from other dogs made life very challenging. And then there was the screaming. So during a visit in '04 I justHAD to take her home with us. She went everywhere with me, including work. We W-A-L-K 'd every day and went to Petco for her favorite snack, which was in fact "greenies" not Scooby Snacks. She curled up in the smallest possible ball at the foot of my bed every night. She let my son taunt her with doggie toys and cover her with comforters and call her incessantly. (She understood the games of boys having been I mean played with........ by my nephews.) I spoiled her and loved her and she was a great friend. But then there was the screaming. And so I, like others before me, took her back to the ranch. I lasted only six months but I will treasure every moment.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


This gave me the giggles today. I don't know who to give credit to; I received it in an email forward today.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

My Personal Trainer

Who knew having a child would also fullfill the need for a personal trainer?? AND fullfill the need to have a Golden Retreiver?

Saturday: wake up at 10:45. Get breakfast and coffee before my son, aka "my personal trainer", starts in on me. 12:15 tell son I will play football with him in 15 minutes. 12:29 head across the street to the Jr High. Argue with him about HOW football players warm up. Power walk around the baseball bases while son runs around the bases and instructs me how many times we're going to do this and where the bases are. Stretch out. Throw the football back and forth. I am told HOW to throw the football. My hands start to hurt. I stop trying to catch it and chase after it when it bounces all over the place. Move to the soccer field. Tell my son I will NOT play a one on one game on the entire field. Kick the football over the top of the soccer goal. ........until my foot hurts. Beg my son to go home. Walk UP the hill on the various trails made by jr high schoolers who apparently don't want to walk ALL the way to the stairs. Need food. Return home at 2:30. Get on bicycles and ride to Subway. Scarf down low calorie food. Ride home...........the long way. Collapse onto couch.

Sunday: wake at 9:45. Eat and drink and watch TV. 12:45 call a friend. 12:50 "my personal trainer" starts in on me. Give him the don't-you-dare-talk-to-me-while-I'm-on-the-phone look, and put my index finger to my lips in the most threatening way possible. Continue doing that for the next 30 minutes. Say goodbye to my friend. Get dressed slowly. 1:30 head out on our bikes to the Jr. High. Ride down BIG hills and pretend we're hardcore off-road bicyclists. Ride around the track. Race around the track. Breathe hard. Beg to go home. Ride up and down more hills. Argue about how much time we've been riding. Stand, stretch, wait. 2:15 go home. Tell my son 45 minutes is a good amount of time for hard riding. Look at garage and decide I can't take one more second of it's state-of-disaster. Son goes to rest. Spend the next TWO hours moving shit around, throwing stuff away, opening up boxes, reading old letters and cards, and FINALLY sweeping a pathway through the garage. Shower! Start bath so I can sit in burning hot water to comfort my trembling muscles. Yell for Wayne to join me. Play football with action figures in bath with son and manage to get his hair washed. Get out, make one dinner for him and another one for me. Eat low calorie meal. Get out of Xmas tree decorating 'cause trunk is too big for stand. Set up train. Watch train go around and around. Watch son run around and around, racing the train. 9pm put son to bed. LOOK at clean laundry covering my bed and dirty laundry overflowing the hamper. Retreat to smoking lounge. Sit on comfy couch under feather blankie and turn on computer. Read emails, blogs, flickr. Blog.

Be THANKFUL my personal trainer is going to school tomorrow and I am NOT going anywhere. I think I'll skip the gym tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"Doing the Unstuck"

First let's re-read my Nov. 30th post. My Horoscope for Dec 1 said: Listen to the song "Doing the Unstuck" by The Cure. Brezsny said listen to this song and maybe it will help you get out of the rut you're in.
Well I didn't listen to the song; and still haven't but I will. I actually didn't need the song because I had already set the subconscious wheels in motion. My heart and soul needed OUT of my job and THUS IT WAS SO. I was *let go* of my job. OH MY.

At first I was shocked and saddened and frightened. I'm a bit of a pro at this but feels like getting thrown out of a moving vehicle. Your traveling along, chatting with your carpool buddies, listening to some tunes.......................and then YOUR NOT. You've hit the pavement and it stings a bit. But as always I stood up and dusted myself off and patched up my scrapes and took a look around. There's a big 'ole beautiful world going on outside that vehicle.

The song says:
It's a perfect day for letting go

And so I did.

I know I have surprised people when I am so happy after a life-changing event, like losing my job or getting divorced. It's not something I WORK at..............really. Truth is I thrive on change. Considering new possibilities (trying them on for size) is liberating and fun. And let's face it; sitting around in my pj's and having hours and hours to myself is just plain FABULOUS. I've been employed since my son started school (he started Kindergarten 3 months after I started my most recent employment) ,so for the first time in 8 years, I've got this HUGE space of time while he's in school ALL TO MYSELF.

I get to sleep in tomorrow 'cause my baby's daddy can take our son to school. Yipeee. But getting up early the last few days as been fine too 'cause all I had to do was get him ready for school and throw on some sweats. I even ventured to the my sweats. LOVE THAT.