Sunday, December 18, 2005

In Memory of Scooby

There will never be another dog like Scooby. Never. Scooby had A LOT to say. Scooby passed away Dec 6th but her voice will be forever heard. She had a way of screaming like no other dog could rival but she had a silent voice that was very loud too.

"She taught me so many things", my nephew said to me. She taught us all. Amongst many important life lessons, she taught some of us to hide when we put our shoes on. he he. And never say anything that resembled W-A-L-K.

My nephew picked out Scooby at a shelter at Christmastime in '91 or '92. I remember the day I met her. I remember my nephew naming her Scooby Doobie Dingo Doogie. She was such a little thing and so darn cute.

Scooby had many, many adventures. (They'll be a book someday!). Sy Sy had to leave her behind with his mom many times as he grew and traveled but indeed he always came back for her. She amazed us all a year ago when she survived the plane trip to Hawaii and after a few tough days, she became more relaxed and at peace than ever before. Seems to me she was waiting for the day when he could bring her home.

It was Jan. of 2004 that I took her home with me. She was living at the ranch with my sister and brother-in-law. They loved her dearly but her propensity to herd the horses and the goats and "protect" them from other dogs made life very challenging. And then there was the screaming. So during a visit in '04 I justHAD to take her home with us. She went everywhere with me, including work. We W-A-L-K 'd every day and went to Petco for her favorite snack, which was in fact "greenies" not Scooby Snacks. She curled up in the smallest possible ball at the foot of my bed every night. She let my son taunt her with doggie toys and cover her with comforters and call her incessantly. (She understood the games of boys having been I mean played with........ by my nephews.) I spoiled her and loved her and she was a great friend. But then there was the screaming. And so I, like others before me, took her back to the ranch. I lasted only six months but I will treasure every moment.

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