Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More about parenthood

I was sitting on the toilet tonight and realized I DIDN'T have to wipe it off first! When did that happen? WHEN did my son stop peeing all over the toilet?
And while sitting there I also realized he hadn't DUMPED out all his shampoo (or mine) into the bathtub lately. WHEN did he stop doing that??
I actually spent a moment or two trying remember. As if it matters. As if I'm going to write it in his baby book. (There's no place in his baby book for that...................but my blog's a good place, huh?) (I know I ranted about it a few months ago on my blog).

These are two HUGE events that have come and gone, like so many others in his little life. I was too busy obsessing about trying a new bedtime routine and bribing him to do chores,................. to notice.


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