Monday, January 16, 2006

So much to say

I was going to write an email to Marya to tell her how much I enjoyed her blog today but then I thought.........why not blog it?! She was my first inspiration for blogging a year ago, and since have found many more..................Heather A's, Jeannettie's, Clay's, and then found some via those blogs, like Annie's and TwinMama.

BUT today because of Marya's very long and lovely post, I was reminded of how blogs can be like a great novel. AND it has no end. How fabulous that people are sharing their lives and loves and passions. And like a good book, the images and stories stay with you. Go to UTATA and soak up the millions of images provided by amazing people all over the world. The narrative here on UTATA was great.

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Clay (aka WriterDude) said...

Hope you saw Leno's "Brokeback Mountain" saddle gag tonight. If not, you might find it at the Tonight Show website.

As a realist, I really loved "The Incredibles". ;-)