Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blogster, Blom, Blogaman

One of the crazy NaBloPoMo bloggers, Rachenbo, came up with a list of TYPES of bloggers. I think I'm mostly a BLOGSTER but throw in some BLOM and BLOGAMAN for good measure.

She also had a rant about a THEME for your blog or the absense of one. She says we don't HAVE to have a theme but she obviously wishes we did. After some thought, I've decided ramblings IS a theme. I ramble about my life and my observations and like to throw in a reason to giggle as often as possible.

I love to write and considered a career in it for about a half a second in college. I like to structure a blog post with a theme. I like to tie it all together with a conclusion. But I’m not a “writer”; and by that I mean, I haven’t been trained as one, didn’t major in it, or try to make money doing it. As it turns out, I went in a completely different direction and became an accountant (back to the structure thing). Being a writer (or photographer, which I also pursued for a second), feels way too vulnerable.

Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I use a lot of animation in my voice and body language. I’m more a stand-up comic than a writer. When I was 7 or so my mother thought I’d be a mime or an actor. I can’t stop being ANIMATED even if I tried (which I have; it was a dreadful couple of minutes).

So thank gawwd for BLOGGING, which allows me to do a little writing. It’s a challenge to rely on my words only (and maybe a font change, a color change, or even some CAPS). But it’s just a blog, just a journal, for whoever (including myself who) has time to read it…………or not. It's important to have a "witness" (or many witnesses) in life but sometimes you must be your own witness. Part of that growing up thing.

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