Tuesday, November 14, 2006

HAIR (note to self: create category called HAIR)

This is me. This is my hair. This is my hair after blow drying it. NOT a good look. There is only one reason I don't wear a hat every day and that reason is my CHI Flat Iron.
There are fifty million gels and sprays for de-frizzing the hair. My Silk Therapy was the one at work on the left side of my hair in the after shot. You can see it's a LITTLE bit better.
There is NOTHING that takes the place of my CHI flat iron, not even other flat irons.
I know I have spoke about this many times before. I apologize. I was drawing a total blank about what the hell to blog about on DAY 14. But it's a worthy cause. I will be adding a category called HAIR. I wonder how many there are. If I blogged about my hair everytime I cursed it, I would have to blog about it EVERY DAY.

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