Sunday, November 26, 2006

My rigorous schedule today (& that's all you get)

Open eyes, shut eyes, go back to sleep, and repeat until 11 something
Eat cereal, drink coffee, take vitamins
Lay on couch and catch up on TiVo'd programs
Go back to couch
Talk on phone for post-mortem on last night (whole 'nother post)
Drink more water and pee
Feel son's forehead and ask him if he's feeling OK 'cause there was an evil flu bug going round at Thanksgiving.
Eat leftover yams in bed and surf channels
Put away clean laundry piled on bed so I can see the TV better
Start some laundry to clear a pathway on floor in bedroom
Eat lasagna in bed but gave up 'cause the roof of my mouth feels like I burned it
Drink some Airborne and pee
Watch Thank You for Smoking, feeling chilled but hoping it's just paranoia and I didn't actually catch the evil flu bug.
Put Wayne to bed
Drink more water and guessed it.
Blog and have nothing to say but this

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