Monday, November 27, 2006

Things I haven't done and things I've Nov.

Since blogging EVERY day in November, I haven't:

*Stayed out past midnight (I have seriously left parties and run home to blog)
*IM'd with a friends (even though I can see them online and haven't talked to them in awhile) 'cause it's too close to midnight and I gotta get my blog post done
*Gone to flickr most every day and browsed through pics for hours
*Left my laptop at home while going on vacation

I learned:
*I enjoy a challenge
*I can pull blog post topics out of my the last moment............and be proud of my post
*That I am still impressed with Dooce's ability to post entertaining blogs almost every day
*I can completely forget about posting pics to flickr, or checking my myspace (which is only important because I miss keeping up with my teenage buddies)
*That I enjoy reading random blogs about people looking for fullfillment and hope in their daily struggles and crazy lives.

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