Monday, November 06, 2006

Sharing my bathroom

Have I mentioned lately that sharing a bathroom with my 9 yr old son continues to amaze me?? (I could look back in my "parenthood" category and probably find at least 5 posts about my son's bathing experience.)

This is what I sound like after my son has taken his shower and/or bath:
"OMG.........look at this bathroom." Squish Squish. "These towels are soaking wet for criminy sakes". ( sometimes I use other words). Ouch Ouch. "These stupid batmen are going in the trash mister 'cause they're not in the basket". "Oh emptied this shampoo bottle; that'll cost you about $4. You are soooo lucky it was one of the cheap ones". "And what the he^^ is on the mirror; it looks like the Febreeze". " are not cleaning this up right now; it's past your bedtime". "Jezuzzz...........I just needed to go pee".

I almost took a picture of the disaster that is my bathroom after his bathing experience...........for his scrapbook............and for this blog. But dammit, I just needed to pee..........and a dry, flat surface to walk on.

P.S. Guess what I figured out the other night?? The nightlight in the bathroom has ONE purpose. So my son can't tell me, "I missed the toilet 'cause it was dark".

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MOM said...

Aren't boys wonderfull ha ha