Tuesday, November 28, 2006

10 things I feel thankful for..........right now

Let's see if I can come up with 10 things that I truly feel thankful for..........at this moment in time (when I'm not feeling particularly thankful)

1. Chocolate ice cream
2. My love for pictures; taking them, making albums with them, telling a story with them
3. My smart, sweet, sleeping child and his ability to fight off a cold
4. My warm, cozy bed
5. Friends to laugh with
6. A job to go to tomorrow
7. A trip to SD next month to plan and look forward to
8. A houseful of boys that put up with my assumption that they can read my mind
9. A book to look forward to reading when I'm done here
10. A blog to write a list of things I'm thankful for............so I remember to be thankful

Ohhh nooo...........I have 11 things. I'm thankful that they're are only 2 more days of NaBloPoMo.

1 comment:

me said...

Your list is quite beautiful and moving too, my friend! :O) xoxo