Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My secret holiday Yams recipe

I can't tell you how many people have said to me (in a confessional, whispering tone), "I don't normally like yams but yours are great!! How do you make them?".

Finally the secret recipe.

1) Buy lots of the produce section. Not canned. Not sweet pototoes.
2) Preheat (or don't preheat) oven to 400 (or anywhere between 300-450).
3) Bake 'em for an 1 1/2 hrs (or when the house smells really good or whenever you remember to take them out).
4) Scoop out the insides into a serving dish.
5) Mush them together with a fork (or a spoon or whatever works).
6) Put Marshmellows on top and put them in a hot oven and WATCH them until the Marshmellows are GOLDEN BROWN.

3 produce bags full should feed about 20 people with leftovers for the next day.

Seriously folks. Canned yams are kinda gross. And I'm not sure why anyone wants to add butter and brown sugar when they are oozing with natural sweetness (as evidenced by the gooey, honey like substance that will be glued to your cookie sheets).

Happy Turkey Day!! Enjoy whatever you're eating and think of at least one thing you can be THANKFUL for this year!!

After posting this I went on my merry way to read blogs. I choose Dooce first. Read the last line of her post today. FREAKY. VERY VERY FREAKY.

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