Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Dear Self,

Patience is possible. All you have to do is IGNORE the stuff that takes a long time and go do something else.
It's a good, a GREAT thing, to post 100's of pics to kodakgallery, and then order prints, and then scrapbook them. You know you love it! And really, the munchkin's dad has 1000's of pics from 2006, and you selected only 100's. And instead of taking a minute a pic to post to kodak, you could be at Longs for hours standing at their machines. You've done it and it wasn't that fun.

And yes.......I know you don't have any water in your house tonight. But it's only ONE night. It'll probably be all fixed up tomorrow and you'll have your kitchen sink where it's supposed to be (under the window looking out at the backyard). And yes......I know your stove is sitting in a puddle of water but you didn't wanna' fry anything, and the toaster oven worked just fine on the foldout table in the hallway. And yes.....I know your office space is smashed into a 4x6 space and there are 1099's to do and payroll tax returns and sales tax returns and a ton of data entry just to get to that point. But you get to design your new office space, with all NEW office furniture, and it's gonna' be cool dammit. SOMEDAY.

SOMEDAY you're gonna look back and think a year of remodel wasn't half as bad as you thought it'd be. And your munchkin's gonna continue to beg to look at those scrapbooks AGAIN and AGAIN.


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