Sunday, January 14, 2007

true ramblings

So I haven't written much. I guess I haven't had a story to tell or a clever little conversation to repeat. I think I just have some ramblings.

Today's my last day of being 41. That's cool. I like B-days in general. It's a great excuse to eat icecream cake, and say, "hey......I'm older and wiser". So far I've liked celebrating getting older. Not sure when that'll change. Maybe when I'm 70. That might be a little scary or I may have aches and pains to complain about. But lets face it, the 30's-60's seem like the prime of life. A time when you "know better" but anything is still possible. Who knows......maybe 70 willl be a great age too. It's certainly "better than the alternative".

I just finished reading Nora Ephron's book, I Feel Bad About My Neck. She talks about the aging and "the alternative". She's a funny lady and very entertaining but the book was way too short. I know she has more to say; she spent an entire chapter on how much she hates purses, for gawd's sake.

Speaking of books..........I also read, Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn, by Kris Radish recently. I will definitely read more by this author. She has that wonderful conversational type of story telling with pages of run-on sentences. The first 1/2 of book is a bit exhausting with the character in a manic state; the sheer terror and excitement that happens when EVERYTHING in your life is changing. Took me right back to the early days of divorce. After an amazing journey of self-discovery, she has a REVERSE BRIDAL SHOWER, where her women friends give her gifts to symbolize her movement into this next phase of her life. A lovely ritual really.

MMmmm............what else.

I spent today partly working at my desk, partly watching exciting (I can't believe I'm using that word here) football games. Seahawks almost did it. Chargers almost did it. Patriots proved that "you can't touch that" Brady guy.

And then of course I had to make that trip to Home Depot; where I was seen crawling around on the concrete floor, opening boxes of tile, AND giving football updates to the Home Depot workers and customers, via cell phone with the munchkin. It was an interesting game for him 'cause the Patriots were his favorite before we saw the Chargers last month.

Tomorrow I'll probably be at Boomers, playing a little mini-golf and driving those scary little race cars, with a big 'ole group of kids. Not exactly my ideal b-day but as my sister who shares her b-day with Xmas, said.........."that's what happens when your b-day is on a holiday". That's OK. I like sharing my B-Day with Martin Luther King, Jr. It's my honor. Happy Birthday to me!

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WriterDude said...

Sorry to be so late with this, but... Happy Birthday! Remember what I told you: Since your birthday became an almost national holiday, you get to manipulate all your people around the nearest available weekend. Try doing THAT with April 13th!