Saturday, January 27, 2007

New kitchen cabinets are garage

This is the kitchen as it was last August, after we took out a wall.

New cabinets arrived Thurs morning at 7:20!!
They are in boxes in the garage. Oh yes they are.
Because "we're" behind schedule. Big surprise.
The lonely little sink is hanging the cabinet that remains intact......barely. Which means we have running water. Don't we feel lucky?! And YES that is a bucket under the sink.
The walls got a coat of primer today. After the texturing............after the mudding and sanding and more mudding and more sanding.............
Drywall dust is on EVERYTHING. I know it's ON me but I'm thinking it's IN me too. Could be in my butt crack.
The concrete floor got a good grinding today with a loud, messy machine. More tomorrow on what was the dining room but is all one big room now. Darn if I can't get a picture of both rooms at once.
In addition to painting and grinding is tiling BEFORE cabinets are installed. The tiling is going from the front door, 25 ft. of walkway/entrance way to the kitchen/dining room. And did I tell you about the 600 sq. feet of tile that I transported in my compact SUV from the Home Depot 30 minutes from my house 'cause the HD one friggin' block from my house didn't have that particular tile in stock?????
I've never had tile before. I haven't told my vacuum about this major change in it's life. I'm picturing myself at an aisle in Wallmart soon, staring dumbly at all those Swifter thingy's.

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