Saturday, December 23, 2006

Football..........and PMS......but football guys....

I have a GREAT football story. But first I gotta rant about PMS for a moment.

I have a new syndrome to announce! AMS. As opposed to PMS. Just when I thought it was safe................. it hit me BAM. WTF?

The PMS thing SHOULD have been happening last week when I went traveling with my not-my-boyfriend/man-friend/man-ho AND his two teenage kids AND my child-who-doesn't-like-to-travel. But ya' know what? I was "polite". I wore a smile. I kept my mouth clenched shut when I had nothing nice to say. (Good advice from my grandmother).

BTW, texting to your girlfriend about the lameness of boys, is a good way to avoid arguing with them in LA traffic.

So I'm thinking I simple PUT OFF the PMS. I tried to trick it but it had the last laugh.

And did you know that there is NO PMS unless you're around men??? It's true. I'm convinced the PMS is actually the irritation that MEN don't appreciate all the effort you go through to be civil during these lovely hormonal changes. I swear..........that's it!

OK. On to the football story (because that is one thing men do appreciate).........

So I went to my first pro football game last Sunday! AND I liked it!! The Chargers v the Chiefs. Yup. I was there.

LT ran 85 yards RIGHT TOWARDS me, to score yet another touchdown!!! I was sitting behind the goal, along the Chiefs sideline. Yup. Sure was.

I was the crazy nut in the sea of Chargers fans, with the #1 FAN finger thingy, bouncing up and down, and high-fiving every stranger sittin' around me!! Yup. That was me.

For those of you who don't watch football (like me a week ago), LT is short for
LaDainian Tomlinson, the Chargers running back who's breaking every kind of record.

I must also tell you that ONLY MY SON could make me a football fan. Many a man has tried.....and tried........and tried. My son's obsession/enthusiasm for football has done it for me. I sure didn't see that coming. Or the AMS.........

I'm listening to my iTunes and guess what song just came on? "You Could Be Happy" from Snow Patrol, that's what.

This week doesn't feel like it included the shortest day of the year.

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Clay said...

Congratulations to The Boy for succeeding where I (and apparently others) failed. And Heather, welcome to The Dark Side.