Monday, December 11, 2006

The Hanukkah Bush

Dear Daddy........RIP.......ummm.....I mean.......MIP,
Are you "moving in peace"? My life moves. on. There are so many things I think of to tell you. I imagine picking up the phone and hearing your gruff old voice. I would say, "Hi Daddy". "The boy" and I finally got our Christmas Tree.........I mean Hanukkah Bush yesterday. He's so excited about Christmas and Santa (yes he still believes or at least he wants to.....) and decorating the tree and getting presents...........and the traditions. He seems to know how special it is to have two parents that love him and take care of him and sit for hours doing homework with him and play games with him. He seems to know we're the stable force under his wings.
You would say, "I stopped getting Xmas trees a couple years after you left 'cause it seemed silly to do it all by myself". Yes I remember. I would ask you, "Do you have good memories of shopping for the tree, putting it on the top of your car, dragging it into the house, putting the lights on, and sitting back to watch me put on the ornaments?"
You would probably say, "umm.........sure". And you would probably mean it. Even though you seemed bothered by the whole thing. Even though you were tired from working 6 days a week and taking care of me all by yourself.
Ya' know what daddy? I do the same thing with my child. This whole holiday thing is a bunch of extra work, isn't it? I procrastined the tree thing and hurried him a bit through the decorating tonight. And I will be sure to tell him that I hold these memories close to my heart.
Ok. I'll let you go. I'll talk to you soon.
And you'd say, "goodnight then".

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Anonymous said...

My darling wonderful heather, the bright spot in my life, the joy, the true true meaning of a Child one has. You my dear are a treasure and Angel from God above and I love you so much, more than you will ever know.
Okay so did you have to smear my macara this early in the AM at work. But I love you lots and lots.