Saturday, December 09, 2006

It always seems like a good the time

Martinis are fun. I think.

The traditional Martini has always reminded me of b&w movies from the 50's, of cocktail parties when EVERYBODY smoked. But now we've got Martini bars where suddenly pomegranite is a commonly used word.

Last night, I attended a Holiday Party at a local Italian restaurant, which has such a Martini bar. It seemed like a good idea to follow up the party, by walking 20 ft. to the bar and begin ordering drinks that smoke. (At least the drinks get to smoke.)

It didn't seem like such a good idea after my 4th drink (two of which were the above Martinis).

I was tired before I even got there. I had bandaids on my chin (from moles removed, not from cutting myself shaving), and I just wanted to curl up at my sweats & UGGs. Thus began the pleading with my party buddies to take me home. (I left my car at home so I could drink.............which also seemed like a good the time). And ADD a neighbor of mine who I nicely invited to join our group, who became horribly drunk. Ugggghhhhhh.

Soooooo, today was spent doing nothing. Nothing productive. Nothing much of anything. Is it time for some more Ibuprophen?

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