Sunday, December 03, 2006

Remodel update

My house remodel is actually making progress. It's MORE of a mess than ever.

We ordered the new cabinets!! I bet my dad would say..."that's more than I paid for my first house!!". The old cabinets are getting ripped out and the whole house is covered in white powdery stuff.

The contractor-construction-guy-man-friend ripped apart the back wall of my kitchen to prepare for the moving of the sink location and exposed the icky insulation. There were roots IN the insulation. It wasn't wet anymore but it was at one time. EWWWWWW.......

The backside of my house was painted this morning........YES, on Sunday morning. It's good to "know people".

We have a HUGE dumpster in my driveway. I "invited" neighbors and friends to add stuff 'cause it was way bigger than I needed. OMG. They totally filled it up.

We've spent hours at Home Depot looking at lighting stuff and flooring and appliances, but I walk out of there more confused than ever.

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Clay said...

I am envious of your dumpster, as mine went away during the major part of the remodel here, and here I am at it again. Just demolished/scrapped out a wall/doorway to enlarge The Dude's space upstairs in The Upholstered Attic. Most of that scrap now lives in the bed of my truck.

Did you get a roll-off dumpster? If so, (whimper). Keep in mind that you usually have to pay by the pick-up.