Thursday, June 22, 2006


I said, "you've got sand in your ears".
My son said, "I've got sand EVERYWHERE".
I replied, "If you had gone swimming, you'd have sand in your buttcrack too".

I had to educate my son because he doesn't have much experience with the beach. It's only 10 min. from our house but we rarely go. I know you think we're crazy, but I've got plenty of I mean excuses. First, it's either foggy and cold, or it's hot enough for me to sunburn in 30 min (after I apply the 50 SPF). And the water is cold except for maybe 2 days outa' the year. Fog does scary things to my hair, and I get the kind of sunburn that hurts for days and then itches.

And YET I had fun the beach, with a bonfire, bbq, smores, good company, and SAND. I had sand in my food, in my shoes, in my eyes, and I haven't even dug into the rats nest that sits on my head. Summertime is COOL.

My daddy's birthday was today. He would have been 89. He loved his house by the beach. He didn't mind the fog. I miss you every day, daddy. I will enjoy the beach and the fog, and LIVE each day to the fullest. For you. For my son. To honor the life you gave me.

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Kindra said...

Hi Heather! I completely agree about the sand (and the fog, and the cold water) and it keeps me from the beach too. Hats off to you for 'braving the elements' and enjoying an evening at the beach with your son. Oh, and, happy birthday to Dad. Know that he's proud of you, my friend.