Friday, June 02, 2006

Good advice

My horoscope this week:
"Race car drivers say that if you're heading toward a wall," writes philosopher Jonathan Zap, "don't look at it. Instead, look at where you want to go." That's good advice for you in the coming week, Capricorn.

This reminds me of the lessons I got from my father when we went miniture golfing. He told me to look at the ball, and then as I swing, look at where you want the ball the go. I'd rather think about the ball than "heading towards a wall". Ouch.........the wall makes me tense up and squeeze my eyes shut. Which reminds me of the car accident I was in a year ago, where it helped that I was watching the road ahead of me and unaware of the guy barreling into the back of me. So not only can you not control what's coming up behind you, but you can't control where the walls are. You must look at where you want to go and your body will follow. Good imagery for the roadway of life.

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