Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The First Time

I just spent a few hours helping to paint the set for my son's Wizard of Oz play. I've NEVER painted a set. How FUN to paint something that only needs to look good from FAR away. My munchkin is playing the "gate guard" and his one line is "Go away. The wizard does not want to see you" or something like that. I will of course video tape the whole thing and keep it for the E!True Hollywood Story.

Let the Ramblings begin.... My week has been so weird so far. Monday morning started with my left eye watering, and watering, and watering. I took a Claritin but it didn’t stop the flood gates; just made me ADHD (I swear I’m such a cheap date). I got no work done ‘cause I couldn’t sit at my computer long enough to do anything. Plus the light from the computer screen was actually bothering my eye and it was starting to ache. By 5pm I called Sandy since she’s worked for an opthamologist since the beginning of time. “Typical patient”, she said, “doesn’t call until 5pm”. She, of course, said I probably left my contact in too long, which she has warned me about a zillion times. But did I listen………oh nooooo; after 15 years of contact use, I think I’m such a smarty pants.
Tuesday was spent with more eye watering, and begging rides from friends to get me to the doctor. He gave me some drops with a wonderful anti-inflammatory steroid and antibiotics. The sunlight is “bad” for my eye, so I’ve closed all the blinds and I’m now living like a bat. I have to wear my glasses for at least a week, which so doesn’t fit into the Vegas weekend coming up, but dark casinos and nightclubs do. ;-))

Today was spent in my bat-cave, talking with every family member and working on my dad’s estate, with the tiniest bit of work thrown in. Tomorrow I gotta go to the laundromat ‘cause I blew up my dryer and then Fri. is off to my “what happens in Vegas” weekend. Wish me luck getting some work done.

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