Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The "Art" ? of Procrastination

On Monday I spent hours on the Verizon website, looking at my bill, and figuring out where I went wrong last month; entering in number after number to see if my “contacts” were also Verizon users, so I can talk for however many damn minutes I want to. I was AVOIDING the “box o’ receipts”, aka my bookkeeping client. The crazy thing about procrastination is that I had been PUTTING OFF the cell phone issue for weeks.

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I've got this phrase stuck in my head: The Art of Procastination. Not really ART is it?

Art (at least at grade school level) is the glue and cutting and coloring I did for 3 hours tonight in an attempt to create a Solar System display for my son's Science Fair project, DUE tomorrow. Procrastination is the thing we did for the last two weeks to avoid doing the Science Fair project.

And yet procrastination seems to be working for me. To avoid doing something I don't feel like doing RIGHT NOW, I do something that I actually need to get done too.

The classic example is scrubbing your toilet to avoid homework. And although my school days are long gone, I have a child so they’re not really over. Note to self: you don't need to have those dreams anymore where you can't find your classroom, and you forgot you had a test, and you're afraid you're not going to pass your math class, and you suddenly realize you're naked.

Where was I? Oh yes……procrastination. I often do laundry at 9 or 10pm while telling my child to get back in bed fifty gazillion times. I am avoiding the inevitable; laying down with/on my child. I’m like a human straight-jacket.

It just all comes down to what task I’m *perceiving* to be too overwhelming or un-do-able at that particular moment in time. The part that WORKS is that I get everything done EVENTUALLY.

Right now I'm blogging to avoid going to bed. I don't think I could go a day without a good PROCRASTINATION (or "rationalization", for that matter.........remember Jeff Goldblum's character in The Big Chill). Wait! I just rationalized procrastination!!

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