Thursday, March 09, 2006

Girls weekend

This is me with my mom, sisters, aunt, & niece. I don't share blood with them but I share everything else! I was 2 yrs old when this family moved in next door. I don't remember my life without them. I have shared my entire life; ups & downs, marriages & divorces, deaths & life, tears & giggles.
Last weekend we shared a lot of giggles, and some I'm-going-to-pee-my-pants laughter!!

OVERHEARD this weekend:

“You’re LUCKY I called you”

“Oh My! I’ve never seen my bathroom looking like this.”

“Gimme some of that blanket”. “Are you cold too?”

“Come in the Jacuzzi.” “No. I’m too cold”.

“Why are you covering your eyes?” "I’m waiting till my grandma stops doing that." (index finger moving in and out of circle made by other hand).

“He wouldn’t make his bed right so I shot him. When I was 9, I threw her in the pool. She was under a year old. I thought no one would notice.” Apparently Big Sis wanted to be an only child.

One side of the cell phone conversation while driving: “Where are you? You lost us. silence You’re all bitches.”

Your lips move but I can`t hear what you`re saying
“Look at that cute little wine tumbler”. Then Big Sis assuming we can read lips across a crowded table/grill in the restaurant says something silently to us. To which little sister and I mouth, “WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?” To which big sister SHOUTS, “I put it in my purse”.

“It’s been how long since your last period?” “Really? Cool”. Then Little Sis says to Aunt’s husband (across the table/grill): “How was your last period?” To which he replies. “good but spotty. Just glad it came” (wipes brow in relief).

To protect the not-so-innocent, I didn't print all of it.

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