Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What is the world coming to?

Gas prices?! Umm...........I thought we were fighting for oil...........or was it revenge.........I keep forgetting.

165 mph winds?! N'Orleans destroyed?! American's dying because of winds and water we knew was coming?! WTF?!

How much money have we spent in the Middle East and how many lives lost?! WTF?!

23 fatal auto accidents in SLO County this summer?! WTF?! Most of them because people were trying to do something while driving, OTHER than driving.

This year we've had a car-jacking at son's school, a bank robbery at the bank two blocks from house, and an old man beaten to death by teenage boys with their skateboards, while minding his own business in his home. WTF?!

This summer I know of 3 very young boys that had brain tumors. WTF?!

Unexplainable. Really. All of it.

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best kind of life said...

but in all these things we are forgetting a most important thing . water , i read a article yesterday with headline , third world war would be happen due to water .
water crisis is a biggest problem for the world .