Sunday, August 28, 2005

$300 at Walmart?! OMG

Why is it SO easy to spend $300 at Walmart???? OK, so I got some groceries and toiletries and my son's new SCHOOL CLOTHS but where the hell did the rest go? Couldn't tell ya'!

Oh I remember something else I got at Wallys; an US magazine. Supposedly Rob Thomas said "I am so not a guy. ..........I don't know anything about cars. ..........I can pick out a Kate Spade bag no problem." are SO a guy, and a HOT one. I saw you in concert and found you even sexier than I previously thought. And I've never gotten all tingly about anyone who isn't a guy. So there's your proof. I have no idea what a Kate Spake bag is and I am SO a girl.

In other US news; isn't Britney looking fat?! Hellooooooo. Personally I'm glad she looks fat because that's what you're supposed to look like when your pregnant. Right? I know I did and had a damn good time in the process!

I must spend a moment ranting about school starting in August; WTF?! I read Dave Barry's column entitled School on Aug. 8? Are they insane? "and I AGREE. We, as citizens of the USA, have taken a seriously wrong turn with education. Parents blaming teachers, teachers blaming parents, legislators blaming parents, teachers, and the school system. I'd like to blame the legislators. It must be their fault that my 3rd grader (in 2 days) will be pushed beyond reason to prepare for 2 weeks of testing in the Spring. Although I feel sorry for the kids and the parents (myself included), mostly I feel bad for the teachers. They're the one's who have to push our kids to learn multiplication and division in 2nd grade. I'm so looking forward to dragging my son's ass out of bed on Tuesday to throw him into 3rd grade! Uggghhhhhh

Did I say I spent $300 at Walmart????

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