Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I went to a reunion party for the first 5 years of graduating classes of Anacapa High School; so '83-'87 graduates. (The school is in downtown SB). The reunion happened in June but I finally got this pic off the website. The big teddy bear next to me is Teddy and Gordon is in the background. Gordon is the Headmaster of Anacapa. I attended Anacapa my senior year and it was the most amazing experience!!!
Teddy was the only other senior 'cause Anacapa has just started and most of the students came from SB's Middle School and were in younger grades. So me n Ted were the FIRST graduating class. Kinda cool, huh!!

My amazing experience at Anacapa was because it was a small, start-up school and because the Headmaster and his wife, Suzi, were 35 yr old hippies, and because he taught me world history (we learned a ton about Ghandi and others that were never part of any history I'd had before) and she taught yoga and art history, and we went on trips to Yosemite and Figeuroa Mtn. and spent the last week at Catalina.........all camping of course. We actually did a ton of schoolwork too. They guilted me into taking more French and Algebra, Ughhh.
We've had reunions over the years so it's been maybe 5-10 yrs since I've seen most of them. We had a beautiful dinner at 1129 State (whatever restuarant is there now). A lovely evening and a I'm-so-lucky-to-know-these-people kind of night!!!!

BTW, I'm sorry I haven't written in so long; there's no excuse. I read other blogs, like and other favorites and I'm totally sad if there aren't new entries. Oh well, I probably don't have much of an audience 'cept myself so it's redundant to beat myself up.

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