Monday, July 25, 2005

First Impressions

Christopher sent me this link today. I was LOL for a REALLY long time. That kind of laughing that is abrupt and loud and your stomach hurts afterwards. Comic relief AND a stomach exercise; can't beat that!

You might not find it as hilarious as I did. You might not have an X that is an Apple fanatic and likes to tell you everything that is wrong with your computer is because it's NOT an Apple. You might not think relationships are ridiculously hard (hard I tell you), and are NEVER what they first appear to be. This video is a parody of my x-marriage. No kidding.

It has occurred to me lately that my relationship with my job is like a marriage. If you're in it for the long-haul, you have a different set of expectations. And if you didn't know this already, LIFE IS ALL ABOUT EXPECTATIONS!! The ups, downs, communication challenges, being in love, wanting to be loved, liked, whatever, is the same at work as it is in any relationship. I'm setting a record for the longest-running job I've ever had; 3 yrs and counting. It's HARD I tell you.

Back to EXPECTATIONS again. Try this little exercise: when you're feeling pissed off or happy or any emotion, do expections affect my attitude or feeling?? It's ALL about EXPECTA.........................oh you know what I'm saying!

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Clay said...

Would it do your heart any good to know that I've just passed the five year mark at my present side-job -- at least two years longer than I was ever able to last at any of my radio gigs? (Of which you saw me through two, mind you.) (It's three if you count KRZR, which I don't.)

Just wondering.