Sunday, July 03, 2005


Can you believe I hadn't read dooce's blog until this week???

Dooce is written by a woman named Heather (for gawwwd's sake) that was fired in 2001 for writing about her co-workers and company in a negative way.

The tone of those weblogs were actually humorous in a Dilbert-esc kind of way and didn't mention any names. She was a web designer in LA at the time.

She continues to blog about her daily life as a stay-at-home mom living in Utah but still has the same wicked, sarcastic sense of humor which I adore so much. YOU GO GIRL.

A good blog like this (and my all time favorite ) is great reading because it's like a good book or even better yet ..... a good soap; a continuing saga of characters you become completely engrossed and engulfed by. GO BLOGGERS!

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