Sunday, July 17, 2005

Eyes are watching you

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I finally got pictures from my X. He's taken so many great pics of our son this year and I've taken none.
I finally scrapbooked last week. First time in 9 months. I feel soooooo far behind but now I guess I'm like everyone else I know. (It's always comforting to know that others are more flaky than me).

I had quite the busy weekend although I'm not at all ready for Monday!!

Friday night was a crazy night that started at the Concerts in the Plaza listening to JnD, then dinner & drinks at Firestone with a friend, then ran into another friend and went for more drinks at Blue which has turned into a jazz super club, THEN the topper was The Graduate for Latino night. Who can say they danced to 3 totally different types of music at 3 totally different places in ONE night?!

I slept in Saturday and finally took my kid out at 3pm. I took him to Boomers where we played two rounds of miniature golf and did the go-karts. OMG. Then went to Tawna's and hung out and watched Willy Wonka. Good to see the original again. Can't wait to see the re-make.

Today was the usual Sunday; slept in, rode bikes, watched a lot of TV, & finally started laundry at 10pm. Glad we went to our friend's apt. for hanging out. I can't tell you how much I enjoy good female gabbing!!

It's almost midnight; time to "purn into a tumpkin".

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Clay said...

Sorry that I am a bit late in catching up, dear Heather, but I'll say this again: blogging = lost money is an important equation to a freelance writer who still has to keep a side-job. However and in the words of Bugs Bunny, " ... for you, I'll make an exception!"

I see that the old "Rindercella" bit has left a rather long-lived impression on you. Don't forget to slop your dripper...