Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Maybe Tomorrow

I logged into iTunes and choose the soundtrack from the movie Crash. The first song is called Maybe Tomorrow. The chorus says:
Maybe Tomorrow
I'll find my way home

Very appropriate. There are amazingly positive things happening as a result of Katrina but it won't bring back the lives lost; the horrors experienced. Do we ALWAYS have to learn the hardway?!

One of the many scary things I've read lately are the Rants & Raves on SLO's Craigslist. There are actual human beings that say awful , stupid things about the victim's of Katrina. Can people really be that judgmental? I can totally understand why people were looting and shooting and crying and feeling sorry for themselves. But I can't understand why people think they can judge others.

The movie Crash should be required watching for every human being.

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