Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Computers and Cars

Computers and Cars have one very important thing in common; they just need to work. Life's too short to spend time fixing them. I have two co-workers that had cars completely break down in the last two weeks. So not OK.

So the fact that my blog has been giving me grief is so trivial and yet I bitch.

First the navigation bar wasn't working right for weeks and it bugged me so much that I didn't write anything. Thank gawwwd Jess fixed it this week. You'd think I'd have found someone at work to fix it but alas it was a friend I haven't talked to in about 16 years.

Then I tried to upload a picture (3 times) to this blogentry but there is an error. Buggers.

Oh well. My flickr account is updated and re-organized (I upgraded to Pro). Plus I just figured out how to add a hyperlink.

And my car works! Yippeeee.

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