Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Sisters! I have two older sisters who are 7 and 11 yrs older than me. I'm THE BABY and for better or worse, I always will be! The pic above is of my oldest sister, Vikki, and I, and on this particular occassion someone asked me if we are twins. Although all three of us look a lot alike, Vikki definitely got the paternal genes and Joyous got the maternal genes. I think I'm a combination of both, but my body type is definitely the paternal side (which in this case means zoftic;-). We all got the curly, frizzy hair that both of parents were born with; it's ALL about the HAIR!
My sisters are probably my greatest gauge; the measure by which I judge myself. Of course there are many other people in my life who have acted as guides but none as internal. My youth was spent striving for moderation between the two of them (they're opposites in many ways). But as all who know me; know that I am an independent, unique individual. I was born "old" and I get younger every year!!!

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