Friday, December 17, 2004


Searching for ways to express myself. Searching for something to do................ways to use this blog. Wishing I knew how to create an awesome space for my ramblings. I read Marya's blog and I want that; except not Marya's but mine. I won't have poetry but maybe a great quote. And links of course. How fun to write incomplete sentences. There won't be a grade on this paper.
I love movies. Movies and TV are my greatest source of escape. And not escape in the bad way people perceive it but joy and emotion and comfort and peace. Books are my meditation and my sleeping pills.
I saw the movie Closer tonight with Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, Jude Law, & Clive Owen. AWESOME movie. I sat nestled in my seat transfixed, transported. My heart was heavy but an emotional depth that feels good! Lust and falling in love are fleeting; they come and go.
Another movie I saw recently that touched me deeply was A Home at the End of the World with Colin Farrell, Robin Wright-Penn, and Sissy Spacek. AMAZING movie. Colin's character was the vulnerable and strong and sweet and lovable. Now I see why people find Colin so attractive. His character did that for me.
There are many many movies that have touched me deeply but I can never remember them. Now I will write about them here so I can remember......................those feelings.

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