Friday, December 10, 2004


My first entry! Not sure what I want to say yet. ..............................

I have a box full of diaries from my younger days. This will be a great new way to keep a diary; although so different since I'll invite others to read it. Mmmm.............I always kept a diary private. My sister, Joyous, has encouraged me to write for years so I may just have to try my hand at a short story.

For now I'll tell write about where I am physically, emotionally, intellectually...................
I'm in my garage. It's my smoking room. I have a couch littered with magazines and only a small space for sitting. I'm surrounded by boxes, bikes, ladder, Kurt's tools, broken lamps, small tv but no cable, grocery bags full of Gatorade, humming water softener, garbage cans, stand-alone basketball hoop, Sy's drum set in pieces mostly, my x-roommate's stuff, a massage table being used as a shelf, and lots of other stuff I've thrown in here.

Wayne's asleep so this is my quiet time, my "me" time. I stay up late just so I can have this time. I'm counting down the weeks until I'm 40 years old. It's a big milestone to me. Every year is better; like a fine wine. I become more comfortable in my skin. My child has given me the gift of living in the present. I struggled, meditated, and tried to learn how to do that for most of my teens and 20's.

I am a typical Capricorn, although I would never have admitted that in my youth. I started out as a old person and become more child-like every year. I know less every year and what a relief it is.
Well it appears that I had SOMETHING to say...........................and there's so much more.

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