Saturday, December 25, 2004

Santa's Coming

It's 1am on Xmas Day. I will go to bed soon but just finished playing Santa with my X. He goes crazy at Xmas and I decided to help him wrap the zillion presents for our son. My son usually sleeps in (and lets me sleep in even later) so I'm wondering how early we'll be rising.
I'm so relieved it's done; the shopping, the wrapping, the preparations. I'm a bit of scrooge, I must say. I don't like the massive spending and the months of talking about Xmas that surround me. It's ONE day for gawwwd's sake. However, the excuse to gather with family and friends and eat and take pictures is the part I LOVE.
My son and I went to the Merry-Go-Round at the Mission today and took our annual photo; a tradition that happened without thought the first few years but is now a concerted effort. My son has obliged and I'm grateful since I never know if he'll take pics with me or not. He's my "funny little guy" and has a very strong mind of his own. Speaking of....................I must drag myself to bed........................SANTA's COMING ya' know?!!

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