Monday, November 07, 2005


In the last 24 hours I've heard and read the saddest commentary on love relationships:

My friend called me today to tell me that her heart was broken by her lover. Another person close to me emailed me and said "I will not be his sex toy while he looks for a broodmare".

My first thought, RELATIONSHIPS SUCK. Does that comfort me knowing I'm single? Does it make me feel justified for being single? Unfortunately NO, it really doesn't. Am I cynical? YES, I must admit I am. (I MUST admit, I tell you).

Here's my summary of the love relationship (whether you wanted to hear my version or not).
Phase I----------the meeting, the sideways glances, the oh-he's-cute, the I-wonder-if-he-likes-me, the oh-i-think-he-likes-me tingle/thrill/
Phase II ---------the friendship/hot s-e-x/getting-to-know-you phase
Phase III --------the comfortable, from I to WE, i-know-you-so-well phase
Phase IV--------inane conversations like this one on
Dooce today or Dooce a few months ago
At this point, people either stay in some sort of Phase II - Phase IV pattern .......depending on the day. OR someone wants out and there is heartbreak.

And cynical or not, am I writing my personals ad for Craigslist? ABSOLUTELY.

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