Thursday, October 27, 2005

Just like a Root Canal

I "got" a Root Canal today. This is my third one in 15 yrs so I feel like a bit of an expert.

Unfortunately I couldn't ask for a full explanation since my mouth was wired open and saliva was pooled in my throat (you don't want to swallow when you've got drills and needles in your mouth).

The shot(s) are the painful part and then it's just uncomfortable. I got a big 'ole shot in the roof of my mouth and it shot up through my sinus's; now that STUNG. I was so damn numb it didn't wear off until 5 hrs later. The good news is that I was numb.

After the drilling and poking and prodding comes the cleaning out of the root canal. What a crazy procedure. It must have been invented by a very sick, angry person. Who in the hell would have thought to jab tiny, tiny saw-like needles up the nerve canal..........up and down and up and down???

For those you've not had a root canal, there may be some women (& some men) that have had this experience-------------snort cocaine and have the kind of sex where your head is pounding on the headboard and you know you won't be having the BIG O. The sound is the same too.

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Clay said...

Saliva pooled in your throat? I hate that.

The trick is to forcefully exhale from your diaphragm, imitating Mody Dick trying to dislodge kelp from his blowhole, until the resulting spray of your saliva impairs the dentist's vision (preferably smearing his/her glasses or goggles)and s/he gets a clue.

Then -- sometimes reluctantly -- s/he gets out the saliva suction device. I think the reluctance is because they can't pay their cleaning staff enough to empty/clean the reservoir of the device, but that's just a guess. Maybe they should hire a trumpeter's former roadie.

However, if they claim not to have that device, then it's likely that they do their billing via smoke signals or other similarly reliable means. Which means you can tell them that your co-pay that was $120 over what they "estimated" got lost in the wind.

Or is that just my dentist?