Thursday, October 06, 2005


My son was reading a book before bed tonight in which the characters are Lego's (there's a cartoon of these Lego people on Nick Toons or some such thing).
First, I must say that I'm so very relieved that my son is actually sounding out words by himself and not throwing the book across the room in frustration when he can't read every word perfectly. And because of this amazing new skill of his, I'm listening to him read in more of a read-me-a-story-and-I'll-fall-asleep kind of way.
So tonight Wayne's reading and I'm relaxing and one of the Lego characters says "I can't believe my ears" to which he mutters...... AS IF LEGO'S HAVE EARS. I found this hilariously funny and I laughed and then he laughed and then we laughed together. He has this great new laugh that is childlike and sweet and innocent. I find this totally delightful because my child isn't often childlike and sweet and innocent.
These are the moments that make me think "I will not strangle him today" and "I will not pack my bags and run away from home".

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