Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I paid her $100 today

I came home from work today and I could smell the Pine Sol from outside!! I found a new cleaning lady (thank you Tewwwi) and she spent 5 hours scrubbing my house today.

It's been a few months since I've had a cleaning lady and my house was DISGUSTING. When I say disgusting I mean that when I walked barefoot in my son's room the other day, I felt at least 4 unknown substances in the carpet.

I've had many cleaning ladies over the years and the one bummer is that you can't always find your stuff. It gets put somewhere different. My new "cleaning angel" not only put moved the clutter but she rearranged furniture!!! And ya know what? I don't care. So far I have found everything I was looking for in a nearby location . I actually like the way she rearranged my bedroom.

I do however need to explain to her that she can't shut off my cable box 'cause then my TIVO doesn't record. So I missed a day of soaps and I spent $100 today, but the removal of germs and dustbunnies and sticky stuff on the carpet, is soooooooo worth the price!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Clay said...

My God! The Cinnamon Girl without her soaps for a day?! And still, FEMA does nothing!

Oh, well, at least you aren't killing $400 VCRs by using the same 40 feet of the same tape to both record and view them every flippin' day anymore. ;-)