Wednesday, August 09, 2006

saying goodbye

I watched the SUNSET for 60 minutes on my drive home from SB tonight. WOW.

Rewind a few hours before the sunset……………
Saying goodbye to the house
34 years of images, sounds, smells, & stillness
Time in each room
Absorbing the images
Listening to the laughter and the tears of past years
Each room echoes in emptiness
Full of memories

My childhood home, my sister’s home, my mother’s home, my father’s home
No where else is there such stillness

Giving back
The shells and rocks
To the earth
Swinging on the swing
The fog rolls in
Thick fog with salty ocean air

There are piles for donations
The dumpster’s full
The Uhaul’s traveling home
The car’s packed and waiting

Dad come with me now
The new owners have new memories to make
Dad come with me now
I need you still
I need you always
Hold my hand
We have new adventures ahead
Bring the stillness with you


Annie said...

Wow, Heather, that was wonderful. Like your heart and hearth were sinking with the sunset.

writerdude said...

I'll miss that house, too. I'd like to think that burn mark you made under the bookshelf with the candle is still there. ;-)