Monday, July 24, 2006

weather report

I just spent 5 days in Dallas. It was ridiculously hot and humid but that's expected, huh? Why is it so hot and humid here? The humidity is currently 72% and will be 100% at 5am. WTF is with the humidity? The high today was 95 and inside my house was 90. I was dreaming of that A/C pumping like in TX. I went grocery shopping instead. Thank gawwwd for big 'ole chilly grocery stores.

Why, you ask, did I go to Dallas in July? Did I lose my mind? Well, maybe. I joined about 40,000 women for the annual Mary Kay Seminar. I'm guessing I've never been surrounded by so much estrogen in my life! The most interesting part of these seminars is hearing the women telling their stories. Most of them are rags to riches stories but what strikes me is the common thread that all women seem to share. Women struggle with the same multi-tasking life!

I had never been to TX and was looking forward to hearing the southern drawl. I ended up talking with so many women from all over the country, from Louisiana to Minnesota. So many accents. I said "totally" and "like" alot so they'd know I was from CA.

Good luck ya' all staying cool.

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